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The impact of e-commerce sales on the labor insurance glove industry


The development of e-commerce has a significant impact on physical enterprises, and it has a more severe impact on the distributors of labor insurance glove manufacturers. The impact on distributors is mainly reflected in: the price of labor insurance gloves; e-commerce customers are mostly purchasers of small and medium-sized enterprises, which will have a certain degree of impact on large distributors. For wholesale market retail or second wholesale, retail The store will be affected.

Labor insurance gloves manufacturers

The impact of e-commerce development on manufacturers is mainly manifested in: the price is becoming more and more transparent, and the speed of communication is getting faster and faster, which has a catalytic effect on brand building. It is necessary to learn content marketing, and to properly protect the interests of distributors. This requires manufacturers to gradually improve the level of products produced by manufacturers, and demand higher and higher capabilities for product line planning, new product development and new product promotion. Three teams should be established: marketing team, research and development team, and production team. Secondly, brand building will be the top priority

The future is bound to be a brand war. Companies that have weak brand awareness and do not invest in brand building will be eliminated. In addition, the construction of a marketing system has become a top priority. Including: market positioning strategy, market expansion strategy, channel management strategy, market promotion strategy, customer service strategy. For channel management and control is becoming more and more important, regional protection and price stability will be things that manufacturers must solve. If they don't do it, they will inevitably be eliminated. The development of e-commerce must also protect the interests of distributors. At present, in the labor protection glove industry, especially for special styles such as PVC dipped gloves and chemical-resistant gloves, traditional sales channels still occupy a dominant position, and the interests of offline distributors need to be protected.