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What are the uses of natural latex finger cots?


Dust-free finger cots are made of natural rubber. Dust-free finger cots play a very important role in the production industry. Generally, rubber dust-free electric finger cots can usually use sulfur, peroxide, quinone oxime and reactive resin. Various vulcanization systems are used for vulcanization, and the former two are the main ones in actual production. Peroxide can effectively vulcanize ethylene-propylene rubber. The vulcanized rubber has good heat resistance, aging resistance and small compression deformation. In order to prevent dust-free finger cot rubber from blooming, the amount of accelerator must also be kept below the blooming limit solubility of EPDM rubber. In fact, in industrial production, in order to achieve a balance of vulcanization, prevent blooming of compounding agents, and create a synergistic effect between compounding agents, which is beneficial to shorten the vulcanization time and increase the crosslinking density, almost two types are used. Or a combination system of multiple accelerators. The most effective accelerators are thiurams and dithiocarbamates, and thiazoles are often used as auxiliary accelerators.

nitrile finger cots

Detailed use of natural latex finger cots:

1. When used for waterproofing, please check for air leakage first, blow into the sleeve, and then pinch the mouth tightly to see if the sleeve has become smaller. If it does not become smaller, it can be used without air leakage.

2. Don't wear it for a long time. If you feel your fingertips are swollen, numb, or purple, you should remove it immediately and raise your finger, and you will gradually recover as before.

3. Dry in the shade after use and can be used repeatedly.

4. When it is not easy to wear after repeated use, put some prickly heat powder or talcum powder to make it smooth.

5. When taking it, roll it from top to bottom, so that it is easy to take off and not easy to break, so it is easy to wear next time.

6. Our nitrile finger cots have rubber rings, which can work for a longer time. Normal finger cots cannot work for a long time, which will cause blood swelling and unbearable pain.

7. Our company’s sulfur-free finger cots are not prone to chemical reactions after contact with precious metals. The sulfur-free technology makes the finger cots free of vulcanization, that is, sulfur-free finger cots.

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