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What are the advantages of disposable nitrile gloves compared with latex gloves?


In latex glove production plants, latex gloves and nitrile gloves are relatively well-known. The main reason for the fame is that these two kinds of gloves are practical and versatile. Anyone who has used medical gloves knows that latex gloves and nitrile gloves have good elasticity, so they can accomplish things that PVC gloves and tpe gloves cannot. We still have latex gloves and then nitrile gloves, so why can nitrile gloves be as famous as latex gloves? Now let's make a comprehensive comparison between latex gloves and nitrile gloves.

Latex gloves are made of natural latex. They are not only more elastic than nitrile gloves, but also better than all disposable gloves. The elasticity of latex gloves is very good in all disposable gloves, without any chemical composition, and is resistant to It has good abrasion and puncture resistance. To talk about shortcomings, many people will first think that latex will be allergic. This is undeniable. But latex gloves are not allergic to everyone, but to a very small number of people. There is also a disadvantage that latex gloves have no anti-static ability, which makes latex gloves lose their position in the precision electronic instrument industry. However, the shortcomings of latex gloves are only these two points, and other aspects have reached an impeccable state.

PVC gloves

Although the elasticity of nitrile gloves is not as good as latex gloves, it can make up for the shortcomings of latex gloves. They are made of chemically synthesized latex, do not contain natural protein, and will not cause allergies. Anti-static properties are also in disposable gloves. The leader. This is the fundamental reason why nitrile gloves can compete with latex gloves. Although the elasticity of nitrile gloves is not as good as latex gloves, they are only second to latex gloves. The elasticity of disposable gloves is also one of the advantages of nitrile gloves. The original intention of the nitrile glove manufacturer was to develop one that can fill the shortcomings of latex. Now the production process of nitrile gloves is becoming more and more mature. In addition to the limitation of raw materials, the puncture resistance, abrasion resistance and alkali resistance of nitrile gloves are also gradually increasing.

These two gloves have their own advantages, no one is weaker than the other, and each other fills in each other's shortcomings. Choose different gloves for different needs. Let's show you the choice of different gloves in different industries.

Industry recommended gloves

Hygiene: Cleaners need to wear gloves to protect themselves from chemicals in cleaning products and protect themselves from pathogens when cleaning. Since nitrile gloves are resistant to harmful chemicals, it is a good choice for health workers to use nitrile gloves.

Maintenance personnel: When the maintenance personnel repair equipment and vehicles used in production, they will come into contact with grease, oil and other solvents. At this time, their hands need to be protected. Nitrile gloves can well isolate these harmful substances to the human body

Printers: Printing houses use chemicals to print labels and other printed materials. These chemicals usually include emulsions, inks, oxidants and various solvents. Disposable gloves can prevent chemicals from harming the health of workers, such as penetrating the skin and causing injuries.

Food industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear, suitable for long-term wear, and are available in a variety of colors. They are ideal for food processing and food service industries.

Hairdressing industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. They are also ideal for the hairdressing industry. They can avoid chemical irritation and damage to the skin. Can be used in many industries like this, disposable nitrile gloves are suitable for many industries and are your ideal choice.

Medical industry: In the medical industry, nitrile gloves and latex gloves have an indispensable position. Although the two gloves are meant to be competitive, there are times when they complement each other.