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What should I pay attention to when using latex gloves?


1. Affect contact dermatitis. This situation is most common. Usually, it only manifests as redness, itching, dry or chapped skin on the hands. The reason is that the hands were washed repeatedly with soap and detergent, and the hands were not thoroughly wiped. After putting on the hand, the internal air is not breathable, which is caused by the influence; if it is a dry glove, it may be caused by the influence of talc in the glove. In this case, the solution is: wash off soap or detergent before putting on gloves, and dry or wipe your hands before putting on gloves; if it is dry gloves, there should not be too much talcum powder inside. These measures can prevent the onset of affecting dermatitis. Once influential dermatitis occurs, use calamine lotion and other antipruritic agents, the symptoms will disappear quickly.

2. Allergic contact dermatitis. It is characterized by itchy hands, dry or chapped skin, often accompanied by erythema or water scars, and usually no obvious symptoms of systemic allergies 6 to 48 hours after contact with latex gloves. It may be an allergic reaction to certain chemicals in latex gloves or chemicals attached to the gloves, leading to delayed allergic reactions. In this case, the solution is: switch to another type of latex gloves and continue using them. In order to prevent severe allergic reactions, it is recommended to use less or less. Once allergic contact dermatitis occurs, you need to take antihistamines by mouth and apply dermatitis on your hands. The symptoms disappeared quickly.

3. Latex allergic reaction. Extremely rare. Skin redness and itching usually occur within a few to ten minutes after putting on gloves. Symptoms can be seen throughout the body, usually accompanied by reed measles, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest beating, and heart. Severe patients may experience difficulty breathing, tachycardia, blood pressure drop, even anaphylactic shock, sudden death, etc.

Latex gloves

Then let me teach you how to distinguish the quality of latex gloves?

A good pair of latex gloves should have a clean and beautiful surface, yellow, curled, high tension and air tightness. It is difficult to rely on our hands for testing, which requires professional latex glove manufacturers to test. What we can do is look at the color. White, white latex gloves are full of additives. The whiter the color, the more additives, and the more additives, the less tension. However, there are many gloves coated with yellow paint that will change the color of the gloves, so this is not completely reliable. Finally, we must check the degree of folds of the glove. It's like a pair of latex gloves. When opened from the package, gloves with high glue content will not wrinkle, and the lower the glue content, the more wrinkles. If a pair of gloves is wrinkled and whitish, there is very little glue inside. The reason we all use latex is because latex is stretchable and flexible. There is nothing better than latex.

Measurement methods:

Length: The distance from the fingertip to the outer edge of the wrist.

Width: The widest point of the thumb and four fingers in the horizontal position.

Thickness: Middle finger and palm (double layer) can be measured separately. For the referee test, the thickness of a single layer can be measured by cutting gloves.