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What are the advantages of industrial latex gloves?


Speaking of industrial latex gloves, we are all familiar with them. They are always inseparable from our lives. They are needed for daily housework, medical industry and industrial factories. Industrial latex gloves are favored by housewives due to their good water and oil resistance. Industrial latex gloves are already common in kitchen cleaning. They cannot be separated from bathroom cleaning and window cleaning. So what are the advantages of industrial latex gloves? Now let the latex glove manufacturer introduce to you!

Latex glove factory

1. High elasticity: Industrial latex gloves have high elasticity, which can meet the needs of people of different weights. The area of industrial latex gloves contacting the human body is much higher than that of ordinary gloves, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of the human body.

2. Air permeability: The poor air permeability of ordinary gloves leads to the breeding of mites and skin diseases. Industrial latex gloves have good air permeability and smooth surface, which prevents mites from attaching, so latex gloves are very clean and tidy.

3. Sterilization: The oak protein contained in the material of industrial latex gloves can inhibit the adhesion of germs and allergens, reduce the growth of germs and mites, and emit a special milky fragrance. It can also be used for people with respiratory diseases Be applicable.

4. No noise: Another major feature of industrial latex gloves is no noise and no vibration, which can effectively improve the quality of sleep.

5. Removable and washable gloves: The advantages of industrial latex gloves also have the advantages that ordinary gloves do not have. This advantage is mainly reflected in the fact that latex gloves can be removed and cleaned directly. The latex has a porous structure. After cleaning, it is dehydrated and dried with a hair dryer or dried in an oven. Just dry, easy to operate, and more convenient.

Industrial latex gloves also have a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the user's grip and effectively prevents slippage during use. Reliable performance industrial latex gloves are more suitable for people's needs in different scenarios, daily use, work use, etc. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the storage and protection of industrial latex gloves. After use, clean the front and back in time, and then dry them in turn, and avoid exposure to sunlight. When purchasing, try to choose products from regular, brand-name manufacturers to avoid quality problems.