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What is the difference between latex gloves and rubber gloves?


1. What kind of gloves are latex gloves?

Latex gloves, also known as latex gloves, refer to gloves made of latex, a water dispersion system of rubber particles, as raw materials, and are a kind of hand protection. There are many types of latex gloves. According to the raw materials, they can be divided into five types: smooth latex gloves, hemp latex gloves, striped latex gloves, clear latex gloves, and powder-free latex gloves; according to their use, they can be divided into disposable latex gloves, household latex gloves, There are four types of industrial latex gloves and medical latex gloves.

Disposable latex gloves

The characteristics of latex gloves are: wear resistance, puncture resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, grease, fuel and various solvents, good oil resistance, non-slip, widely used in medical, beauty, precision electronics and other fields.

Second, what is the difference between latex gloves and rubber gloves

Latex gloves and rubber gloves are both gloves made of rubber. The two are often compared, so are they the same material? The answer is no. The differences between rubber gloves and latex gloves are:

1. Different materials

Although rubber gloves and latex gloves are made of rubber, rubber gloves are generally made of dry rubber, which is relatively hard in material and touch; while latex gloves use a water dispersion system latex of rubber particles, which is more material and feel. soft.

2. Different uses

Rubber gloves are widely used in industrial fields, such as electrical insulating rubber gloves made of rubber insulation properties, and some can be made into household cleaning gloves; and latex gloves are mostly used in medical, beauty, and precision electronics industries.

3. The production process is different

Rubber gloves are made of rubber sheets or films, using two processes: dipping and molding. Latex gloves are made with a more refined process, which is made by emulsifying the sol and dipping the model with glue.

In fact, latex gloves are a concept included in rubber gloves. As long as they are made of rubber materials, they can be called rubber gloves. They include natural rubber gloves, latex gloves, nitrile rubber gloves, etc., and latex gloves are Refers to gloves made of rubber latex.