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How to use and store disposable gloves?


Disposable transparent gloves have always been fast-moving products, and they are almost not sold separately because they are processed according to the number of bags. For these content, the latex glove manufacturer is very clear, let's listen to what they say.

The thickness of our commonly used disposable transparent gloves: 0.2 silk Weight: 1.2 grams Material: new material PE plastic Packing: 100 pieces per pack 10,000 pieces per carton, this product is made of polyethylene blown film. Our health threats are less, and it is easy to degrade, reducing pollution to the environment.

 disposable pe gloves

Scope of application: White disposable gloves are strong polyethylene products with acid, alkali and oil resistance. Economical and durable, suitable for painting, mechanical maintenance, gardening, hair dyeing and hair care, household cleaning and sanitary washing, and can be mixed left and right.

Product advantages: Gloves surface particles, non-slip design, new transparent material production, sterile, strong toughness, good wear and stretch.

Note: Disposable pe gloves are disposable products and cannot be used repeatedly; do not directly contact this product with strong acids, strong alkalis and other chemicals.

Factory advantage: As a disposable pe glove supplier, it is well-known in the industry for its rich product types and quality. Products are widely used in catering services, medical protection and food processing industries. Enter the Chinese market at a competitive price and excellent. Committed to promoting health, hygiene and concepts in China, thus winning the unanimous recognition of the industry. Its good customer service has made it an outstanding supplier of disposable gloves in the field of food processing and health protection.

Next, I will tell you how to store disposable transparent gloves?

1. Disposable gloves should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool and dry warehouse (indoor temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity below 80 is appropriate) on shelves 200mm from the ground.

2. Do not directly contact with strong acids, strong alkalis and other chemicals

3. Keep away from the fire source and high temperature

4. This product is for one-time use and will be destroyed after use