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Labor insurance work gloves

Labor insurance work gloves

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  • Date of issue:2021-01-06
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Product name: Labor insurance dispensing gloves, plastic, non-slip, wear-resistant PVC beads

Material quality: bleached cotton yarn + PVC dots

Uses: Suitable for electric welding, machine repair, steel and smelting industries, iron craft manufacturing and processing, port loading, ship transportation, etc., and can also be used to carry goods and sundries, etc., with a wide range of applications. It can provide safety protection and comfort for workers.

Features: non-slip, wear-resisting, heat-insulating, the range of use between thread gloves and film gloves, more comfortable and flexible to wear than film gloves

The gloves produced by the regular labor protection gloves have precise stitching details, smooth and precise routing, fine stitches, and not easy to fall off. The details reflect the brand's superb workmanship. Welcome everyone to wholesale labor insurance gloves!

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